Elisabet Ylfa, 2 years and 10 months old.
She sat down next to me on the sofa today after I picked her up from school. She started asking me about a difficult memory from three weeks ago, a memory of an event I was hoping she had not really taken in when it happened. As she talked about it she became emotional and pointed out how her world was changing. People are leaving and those who are left behind are sad and angry. She is a little bit too observant for her own good. I had my camera in my hand so I snatched a photo of her in mid conversation.



She has been so engrossed in imagination play this week. It is hard to make contact with her because I never know by what name she will answer each moment. Her favorite role has been "mom" to all of her stuffed animals and dolls. Which I find kind of fascinating and curious, since she tends to mirror my speech and actions.



If there is one thing this week has taught me, it is that I should be thankful for this little girl. Her joy, her kindness, her expression of her love towards the people around her and how mature she already is amazes me. I've hugged her longer and kissed her more this week than usually. It has been a heavy start to a year, but I hope it will become a good one.

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