Farmers Market frenzy.

The weather was wonderful this weekend! Finally we got some break from the cold. We took advantage of the beautiful days we got and spent them mostly outside. We took a walk around Marina both Friday and Sunday, had some french toast and lemonade at the Grove on Chestnut street, drank some iced coffee while we walked around and did some shopping. It was really nice. Yesterday we started the day at the Fort Mason Farmers Market. I had never been there and was happy that we finally went. It was so clean, the people were friendly and not to mention all the delicious produce they had to offer! We had a dinner party for some friends in the evening and left the farmers market loaded with all kinds of goodies for the evening.
MarinĂ³ showed his skills in the kitchen and made a really tasty dinner. We started with some elderflower-blood orange margaritas with homemade lemonade. The appetizer was asparagus soaked in butter with parmesan and the main course was a delicious mushroom risotto. For dessert I made my mom's carrot cake. After dinner we played Munchkin. We had such a good time. I can't wait to throw another dinner party.

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