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When we moved into our apartment we had this huge wall in the living room that we had no idea what to do with. After looking at Pinterest for a few days we had the idea to showcase our collections. Both of us are borderline hoarders and we love finding beautiful things. So Marinó went to a hardware store and bought some cheap shelves and we have slowly been putting up things and perfecting the setup.  Here are a few of our favorite things.

1. A Sarangi, a Nepalese string instrument that a friend of ours brought Marinó after staying in Nepal for a while.

2. One Christmas I had no idea what to get Marinó, so I asked him what he wanted and he said as a joke that he wanted a trumpet, so I gave him one. He was super suprised and very happy about it even though he can barely play a tune.

3. My mom gave Ylfa a beautiful matryoshka doll when she came home from Azerbejdzan this spring. 

4. We are slowly building an amazing bar with our roommates.

5. We love books, and I love Moomin. This is our still growing collection of Moomin books (plus a copy of Where the wild things are).

6. My Kron by Kron Kron shoes I got married in are a work of art!

7. An old camera from Marinó's grandfather.

8. My favorite book from my children's book collection, Dísa Ljósálfur. This one is actually the one I had when I was little.

9. Ylfa's shelve.. Books, games and toys she can play with when she's a bit older.

10. This is a matryoshka doll that my mom brought me when she came home from Russia when I was about 3 years old. There is another part of it on the top shelve.

I think I will keep changing it up every now and then but for now I am happy with how everything looks. 

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