Today I turned twenty-three. 
When I was younger - thanks to an Icelandic movie - I though that was the age to start to feel old and depressed, because life was almost over. Fortunately I am not depressed and I really don't feel that old. I think I have accomplished quite a lot compared to my age so I really can't complain. I feel happy in my own skin, I have a wonderful family and I can feel that I still have a lot ahead. 
For fun I wanted to make a fact list about, so here are 23 facts about yours truly;

1. I was never a princess girl when I was a kid.. Instead my favorite cartoon character was always a weird support character. Timon from Lion King was and always will be my all time favorite.

2. I never step on a line on my way to and from the laundry.

3. I didn't start drinking coffee until 2010... Way after everyone I know.

4. My favorite animal is an elephant. My first tattoo was a tiny elephant on my right calve.

5. I have five siblings. Four brothers and one sister.

6. When I was seven I tricked my grandparents into giving me chocolate pudding for breakfast, every day for a month.

7. Me and Marinó got married in the old Nordic religion. The one with Odin, Thor and Loki.

8. I have had two pets called Stígur (Strider)... and two called Hneta (Nut). Yes I am very original with pet names.

9. I looooove white chocolate.

10. I have been called three different names in the three different countries I have lived in; Auður in Iceland, Adi in Denmark and Audrey in USA.

11. My husband was a Hollywood movie star when he was five years old. 

12. I have read all of the Harry Potter books over 10 times.. and have now started to also obsess over A song of Ice and Fire. 

13. I believe in ghosts, nisser and hidden people.

14. It has been my dream to work for Disney or Pixar since I was eight years old. I am still working on that. 

15. Until last year, the only thing I knew (barely) how to cook was pasta. Now I love cooking new things.

16. I can speak like Donald Duck.

17. I inherited the weird talent from my mother to learn lyrics to songs in no time.. and the talent of not knowing how to sing.

18. I collect children's books. 

19. I am a Waldorf child.

20. My grandfather is my most favorite person in the world (after Ylfa of course). 

21. I love watching people play video games. Marinó really likes that quality in me.

22. I am terribly afraid of the dark. I blame my uncle Gunnar for that!

23. I have never been as content and happy in life as I am right now.


  1. haha - smámál í morgunmat er best!

  2. fyrst var ég bara, vá hvað það er mikill svipur með þér og litlu á þessari mynd!
    svooo fannst mér ég vera kjáni.


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