Happiness journal.

A happy moment with a piggy.
I bought a new journal on my birthday. Since then it has been sitting around my living room calling for me. It is such a pretty little book that I did not want to use it for just anything, so I waited to see if something fun or interesting would come to me. And then suddenly, three days ago it came to me! I got this idea to write a happiness journal. There is a lot of stress and negative energy filling my life at the moment, so it is definitely good for me to write down something that evoked a happy feeling in my gut over the day. The plan is to write in it every day. I think that by doing this I might be a little more aware of it when these tiny moment of happiness occur. We all have them all the time but sometimes they drift away from our memory because they are so simple. For my first day I wrote down Ylfa falling on her but outside of our house because she was running so fast towards me after she noticed me coming from the bus station. I also wrote that I had Skyped my brother that is currently an exchange student in Brazil. We don't Skype enough and I always really enjoy it.
I am excited to fill every page and to read the book later in life.

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