This has been a week of isolation for me and Ylfa. Last weekend we enjoyed some quality family time in our cabin in the country. It was wonderful to get out of the everyday environment and breathe fresh air and meet up with my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins. We had a lot of fun playing boardgames and hanging out in the hot tub. The second night however, Ylfa was extremely restless, kept waking up, and she felt warm to the touch. When we got home the next day I found out she had a fever, so we stayed home Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday night we took her to the doctor and found out she had a virus infection. Then we stayed home for two more days. Staying home with a grumpy baby, that would rather be in daycare, playing with her friends can test your patience! By yesterday evening we both had a bad case of cabin fever. To add a little extra fun to this, our internet has been down for a week! But I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Her mood was a hundred times better today than the day before and the fever has gone down. Luckily she is feeling better and I am hoping that she will be able to go to daycare tomorrow. That way I MIGHT be able to finish up my school work before my deadline on Sunday.
I really owe Winnie the Pooh big time, for the hour of study I got each day.

Happy Halloween people!

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