These days.

Lately I've been absent. Not only from this blog, but also the country (traveling around the UK) and in some ways from my normal self. I am doing a lot of self analysis, and feel good about it, and not so good sometimes. I know that it is helping and I can sense a change coming that will be good but is just not quite here. I just have to be patient.

I stumbled upon a new blog, that I am now reading from beginning.. And decided to borrow a nice post idea:

Making : kittens.
Cooking : 3 minute noodles, due to lack of inspiration and people to eat with me.
Drinking : white wine atm.
Reading: Blogs. 
Wanting: to move out already,
Looking: Forward to winter.
Playing: a lame game, can someone suggest a good click-and-point game to me?
Wasting: time on FB, how horrifying?
Sewing: a doll for Ylfa... very slowly.
Wishing: dor courage to go to that Yoga class.
Enjoying: slow mornings with my girl.
Waiting: for moving day.
Liking: the heavy rain.
Wondering: all the time.
Loving: my sister's coffee breaks, spent at my kitchen table. 
Hoping: all will be good.
Marvelling: at how intelligent my little one is. 
Needing: more time with M.
Smelling: the wildflowers Ylfa brought me from her walk with her dad.
Wearing: homeclothes, most of the time.
Following: advices.
Noticing: changes in communications.
Knowing: I need more focus.
Thinking: way to much.

Bookmarking: future Master programs?
Opening: my blogger account for the first time in a while.
Giggling: all the time Ylfa talks. She is too funny.
Feeling: everything will be good.

Is anyone still here?


  1. This is such a great idea! I might just have to steal it for my own blog ;) Self-assessment is great. I think only the truly mature do it and are rewarded greatly for it. I'm still here, btw ;)

  2. Hi what blog were you reading I love finding new ones to read! Thanks


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