Morning rituals.

Ylfa learnig what the animals sound like.
It has been so extremely cold these past mornings. Me and Ylfa have spent the better part of each morning just snuggling in bed, her nursing and me half asleep. Poor Marinó has school early so he has not been able to join our morning snuggles. When he leaves he puts the heat on so it becomes easier for us girls to get out of bed, get dressed and go downstairs. Even though it's too cold we have had some really nice mornings this week. I make coffee for me and oatmeal for Ylfa, and then we usually Skype my parents for a while. I try to hear from them at least every other day, but more often it's every day. After that Ylfa plays with her things and we listen to music for a while so I have time to blog or browse the internet with a run every now and then to grab her away from the stairs or the heater. There also might be some dancing. She takes a nap around noon and that is when I clean the kitchen and tidy up the living room and listen to my audiobook (currently listening to a Dance with Dragons).

Happy friday!

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