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This morning Marinó took Ylfa and I got to sleep in. I slept until I heard the kettle scream "coffetime!". When I came downstairs there was a delicious breakfast waiting for me! Cup of coffee, two eggs sunny side up, two slices of toast, goat cheese and blood oranges. My husband knows how to treat his lady. That wonderful start of the day got me into a self-pampering mood. Teehee. So here are a few things I've been longing for.

1. I've started collecting these beautiful wooden tops. So far I have one.

2. School is starting soon so I'm in need of a new bag. A Cambridge Satchel would be perfect if I was not taking classes where I need a much larger bag. 

3. I only have the original Daisy one, but I really love the smell of the Daisy Eau So Fresh.

4. A cosy warm wool dot throw would make my sofa look much better. 

6. I NEED to stock up on some shoes. Like I said couple of posts ago, most of my shoes don't fit my post-pregnancy feet. I NEED these Swedish Haasbeens.

Everyone needs some pampering now and then.

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