What I wear | Staying in.

Since Ylfa has been sick I have not left the house for a couple of days. To me one of the best things about staying in is not bothering how I dress and just wear my most comfy outfit! It has been so cold though so we have been wearing very warm clothes as well as comfortable.

1. Messy hair - I don't like dealing with my hair if I'm not going out. It is naturally curly so if I want it pretty I have to put time into it.

2. Cintamani Jónína Jacket - I almost always wear my cintamani jacket when I'm at home. It's so soft and warm.

3. 66north Basar women's Longs - Me and Ylfa have matching 100% merino wool long johns and have both been wearing those.

4. Knitted wool socks - My mom gave me the socks when she came home from Moscow a few years back. She bought them from some old lady that had knitted them. They are so pretty.

Ylfa has been feeling better today so hopefully we can go out tomorrow and do something fun.

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