It was our third wedding anniversary last Sunday. We don't have any family living close and we don't have a nanny so we can't go to dinner or the movies just the two of us. But we did have a wonderful day out all three of us. We decided to go have brunch at Outerlands. I knew it was a popular place, but apparently I had no idea! There were so many people waiting for a table. I had wanted to eat there for a while so we were fine with waiting a bit. We took a stroll down to the ocean, checked out some really nice stores that are close by the restaurant and sat in the sun chatting while Ylfa took her nap. Two hours later we finally got a table. The food was worth the wait. It was so good! I had the dutch pancake with bacon and ricotta.. mmm. We will definitely eat there again.
After brunch we took a walk through Golden Gate park and then up to the Cliff house and the Sutro Baths where we watched the sunset. It was a really nice day.

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