This is the first time me and MarinĂ³ have a home that we need to fully furnish. Last apartment we lived in had fully a equipped kitchen so we literally didn't have anything to cook or eat with when we moved into our new apartment. We took a trip to IKEA to buy the essentials, but I love collecting new things for our kitchen. This is on my want list at the moment.

1. Every home needs a KitchenAid! I would love one in pistachio.  

2. I saw some beautiful Wood cutting boards in the General Store last weekend. 

3. Le Creuset whistling kettle. I can actually check this one off my list. I just had to include it.

4. I have had a thing for Moomin since I was little. I want to collect all of the Moomin mugs.

5. Soups are so cheap and easy to make and we've been eating soup about two times a week. I would love to own a copy of Soup Love by Rebecca Stevens.

6. There is usually one old pancake pan in every family in Iceland. The pans get blacker and better over time. I am going to try to steal the one my mom has.. If I don't succeed I wan't one from Kraum with a designer handle.

One day I will have a fully equipped kitchen of my own.

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