Aquarium of the Bay.

MarinĂ³'s parents came for a short visit last weekend. They were traveling to a few places in the US and decided to have a layover in San Francisco so they could spend Saturday with us. We wanted to do something special and preferably something we had not done before in the city, so we ended up in the Aquarium of the Bay. We had never been there but often thought about it and Ylfa has been so excited about animals recently. It's not a very big aquarium, but we liked it. The best thing about it is the glass tunnels that go through a big tank filled with all kinds of fish. There were a few monsters that were freakishly big. Ylfa was thrilled and we had a good time.
It is always fun to get a visit from family. Since we live so far from Iceland it is not easy for people to come for a visit. We really enjoy it when someone manages to cross almost half the globe to spend some time with us.

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