First day of school.

Assignments from Analysis of Form, fall 2011. 
Today was my first day back at school, hence the late post. I was really excited and I felt good about being back. For my first class of the semester I had Introduction to Anatomy. The teacher seemed really nice and for the first time I had a class with someone I knew. I was a bit rusty, but I guess that is understandable since I have not worked with charcoals for over a year. All in all the day was great, especially because Marinó sent me pictures of Ylfa all through the day. Then I came home and took a look at my online classes.... I am not as confidente about this semester anymore. The work I have to put in every week for the online classes is intimidating. The classes seem interesting and I have already begun reading the book for one, but I don't know where to find time to finish everything. Maybe when the semester has really started and I get a better sense of how this works it will be a lot easier than it looks. I will give it my best. My next on-site class is on Wednesday. I am excited to see how that will be.

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