Los Angeles.

A few weeks ago we rented a car and drove south to enjoy a long and sunny weekend in Los Angeles. We really wanted to spend a little quality time just the three of us and we had never really been somewhere on a holiday just us. The drive down went much better than we expected and we did not have to stop as often as we thought we might do. Ylfa was a joy most of the way and we parked the car by our hotel seven hours later. The days were spent strolling around Venice, Rodeo drive, the Botanical gardens by the Huntington Library and the farmers market in Beverly Hills. We ate good food and had a blast playing Sequence every evening at the hotelroom after the baby fell asleep. The weather was wonderful the whole time and I actually managed to get a little tan. (That never happens to me). Poor Ylfa was teething at the end of the trip, but over all she had a great time, specially at the petting zoo they had at the farmers Market. She made friends with a pig, bunnies, goats and a goose but definitely was not on good terms with the hens. The drive back home on Sunday was a little bit more difficult because of Ylfa's first molar trying to burst out, but after she fell asleep half way through to San Francisco, the drive went smoothly. I can't wait to have more family trips in the future. 

It was so sunny at the Huntington Library botanical gardens.

Tired, going to grab a coffee and Handsome Coffee Roasters.

The petting Zoo at the Beverly Hills farmers market was the highlight of the trip.

Me and a handsome man.

Breakfast at 3 Square Café.

Loving the view.

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