Hello again.

Beautiful Iceland
This summer has been a sad one for my little blog. After coming to Iceland at the end of May I took a few days to rest and meet up with people. Then school started and I barely had time to breathe. Because of all that was going on with school, taking care of my family and trying to spend some time with my friends and family in Iceland, I had no time left to put into of my small space on the internet. Therefor I took a break.. that lasted a little longer than I had planned. The summer just flew by with such a speed that I did not notice how long my blog was silent.

But now I want to come back. I am filled with a longing to create and share and be inspired.. hopefully when school starts again this Saturday, I will still be able to put a little love and time into this project of mine. Until then at least I will try.


  1. Yay yay yay you're back!! When to you move to Denmark?

    1. YAY!
      We won't move until after Christmas. We really wanted to spend the holidays at home.


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