Goodbye summer.

This summer was a wonderful and a little tough one. The time we were able to spend together was incredible, but I also had to be away a lot. I took two very difficult courses online and spent the better part of the summer at the National Library of Iceland with my mom, studying. The time I got off we planned carefully. There were some trips to the summer cabin, lots of café hangouts and a few (very few) sunny days enjoyed. I also managed to take part in a 10 km run. That is something I never would have imagined I could finish.. But I did it and I am pretty proud of myself!
Having the chance to be with family was the best part. Ylfa fell in love with her grandparents and to her nobody is cooler than her uncles. It has been so precious to see her bond with everybody and grow over the summer. She is talking non-stop and two weeks ago she started going to daycare. The same day Ylfa started going there Marinó had to leave us. He went back to SF to pack all of our things and finish up some business. We miss him terribly. He will be back in a couple of months and we will spend Christmas together here in Iceland, before heading out to Copenhagen in the new year.

Here are some highlights from the summer:
Meeting baby Sky and spending time with family.
We actually managed to spend some time together
Hanging out with friends + Cocktails
The Icelandic countryside
Bathtime + Cuddles
Summer ended with goodbyes and new hellos

Yesterday we had some people over for coffee and cake. It would maybe not be mentionable, except for the fact that the living room was so dark that I lit some candles. In that moment it hit me... The summer has left us, and the dark winter is creeping in. Summer time is always fun, but for some reason winter has always been my favorite season. I felt a little tingle of joy while lighting the candles, and I can't wait for the dark days, with candles and warm blankets, to be upon us.

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  1. I love all the pictures! Ylfa has gotten so big! I miss her cute cheeks! And your gorgeous face of course :)


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