Still Life.

Hello there!
I got immersed in lectures and assignments as soon as school started a couple of weeks ago - and I am kind of loving it. I am taking two history courses this semester. One is History of American Illustration, the other is Art History through the 15th Century. I have always been fascinated by history, and Art (of any kind) History is especially fun. I almost don't even mind the weekly papers. I can not say which class I like better. I feel like I have learned so much in this short time since school has started. I am halfway finished with my notebooks (that I intended to use until Christmas), because I think so many things in the lectures are worth scribbling down. I am so happy that I am taking these classes online, because I can take as long as I want to write down my notes. I would have been the horrible kid in class that keeps everyone waiting for the next slide while I finish writing.. I've never been a fast writer.
Two Liberal classes are a lot in my opinion, so I took two studio classes as well. I am taking my first Clothed Figure Drawing. It is pretty strange drawing non-naked people, and I have not used my charcoals since last spring, so I have gotten a bit rusty.
I am also taking Still Life Painting. This is actually the challenge of the semester. I've never used oil colors before, so I was a little.. actually, A LOT intimidated by this class. I had some trouble with my supply shipment and wasn't able to start my first assignment until after the first module. Meanwhile the assignment became larger and larger in my mind, and even after I got the supplies I put it off as long as I could. Eventually I just started. I was so surprised how easy this was. Oil colors are a medium I've always wanted to try out, but because of the hassle around it and how complicated it seemed, I never actually went for it. But oh how mistaken I was. I really, really enjoyed it. I am pretty happy about the outcome as well. One thing that I think might have some effect on why I love this so much is that due to lighting, I have spent the late evenings on these assignments. Living in a home with six people can get a little chaotic and loud, plus having a little monster who is entering the terrible twos. So these moments, when everything is dark, and everyone is sleeping, just me in the silence, painting are heavenly.. To me this really is still life. I plan to continue cherishing these silent moments for the rest of the semester.

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  1. You are such a talented artist and I love every chance I get to see your work! Glad you're enjoying the semester so far!

    P.S. Come back!


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